Added on 26 March 2018

In January 2018, the ISSN international Centre launched its new Portal and its new Extranet at Librarians, editors, publishers, content providers, database managers, scholars, students can access free ISSN core data on the web and via content negotiation and make the most of on the web and via content negotiation and make the most of the completeness of this comprehensive database to identify print and online serials and continuing resources published worldwide.

The ISSN Portal is the single point of access to all ISSN data

  • it provides every user with a free access to ISSN essential information so as to precisely and unambiguously identify serial resources thanks to their ISSN, ISSN-L, key title, title proper, country of publication, medium, and URL.
  • it provides to ISSN Subscribers an extended range of data and services:
    • Simple, advanced and expert search options to identify serial resources already published or to be published,
    • Faceted search including subject classification,
    • New display features including timeline, geolocation of publications,title history and title relations,
    • ISSN data available for download in a variety of formats including MARC 21, UNIMARC, MARC XML, RDF/XML, RDF turtle, JSON,
    • ISSN API downloads,
    • Interfaces in various language
    • A corporate access providing usage statistics,
    • Secure payment facilities
  • it provides ISSN Registrants with a new interface for their requests:
    • A personal account to manage requests for ISSN assignment,
    • An enhanced web form to share data about serials and continuing resources,
    • A tracking feature to monitor the assignment process step-by-step,
    • A claim feature to link serial records to a publisher’s account,
    • A modification request to update serial data in a timely manner.

The ISSN International Centre is eager to adapt its services tothe needs of ISSN users and advanced functionalities will be added throughout 2018.

About the ISSN International Centre for the Registration of Serial Publications (

The ISSN International Centre is an intergovernmental organisation which manages the identification and the description of serial publications and ongoing resources, print and online, in all disciplines and at the international level. The ISSN International Centre was officially created in Paris in 1975, under the terms of an agreement signed between UNESCO and France, the host country of the ISSN International Centre.

In 2018, the ISSN Network comprises 89 member countries. The ISSN International Centre is responsible for maintaining and publishing the ISSN International Register and for assigning ISSN to publications issued by international organisations, and publications issued in countries which do not have an ISSN National Centre.

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