Added on 26 April 2018

DPC members are invited to join us for two exciting events in Glasgow on 12th and 13th June this year.

12th June 2018: Connecting the Bits 
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‘Connecting the Bits’ is a day-long networking and planning event designed to help members keep in touch with each other and with the state of the art in digital preservation.

As usual we’ll be opening the floor to our members. The agenda will be generated by participants in the morning, then delivered in the afternoon. This format privileges debate and discussion, and it ensures that anyone with a burning issue or success story has a chance to share it. Because members set the agenda, it provides a unique opportunity to steer the Coalition's program for the coming year.

The event is only open to members, so participants can speak candidly and openly about successes, failures, plans and threats. With the continuing momentum of a growing membership we've every reason to expect that 'Connecting the Bits' 2018 will be another great opportunity to build an ever-stronger platform for co-operation and collaboration between participants.

13th June 2018: Digital Preservation Futures 
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For the first time this year, we’ll also be holding ‘Digital Preservation Futures: Community Forum.’ With data volumes only set to increase and with organizational budgets unlikely to follow suit, our community of data creators, curators, custodians, solution providers and consumers must come together to develop robust solutions to take us forward into the Digital Preservation Future.

An extension of the DPC Member’s Unconference ‘Connecting the Bits’, this half-day event will provide a neutral forum to summarize the key challenges anticipated by members, before inviting speakers and attendees to collaborate and develop new ideas.

Register for both events now:

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