Added on 22 September 2017

With 8 days (just over a week) until the deadline for entries to ‘Bit List’ of Digitally Endangered Species, the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is encouraging the digital preservation community around the world to nominate the digital content they feel is most at risk of becoming ‘extinct.’

The last date for entries is Saturday 30th September.

“We don’t want to be prescriptive because really any kind of digital material could potentially be at risk,” explains Head of Advocacy and Communications for the DPC, Sarah Middleton. “We’ve asked for broad ‘types’ (habitats, if you like) e.g. gaming, AV, web, but other than that it is quite open and we’ve left it that way for the community to tell us what they think.”

Examples might include content which has no obvious long-term home (such as the digital archives of community groups), different digital formats (for example: websites running Flash as the plugin becomes obsolete), or content where the value is recognized but the efforts to preserve have been incomplete (such as scientific e-journals).  Nominations might combine all of these themes, such as personal social media content as there is still so little in place to capture the volume, complexity and context of this information.

Once the nominations have been collected and collated, an international panel of digital preservation experts will evaluate the entries, before arriving at their final list which will be published in conjunction with International Digital Preservation Day (IDPD17) on 30th November.

Find out more and make your nomination for the #BitList by Saturday 30th September

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